BIG-FOOT® Bridges the Gap

MATRIX was contacted by a foundation drilling contractor about a bridge project after their original slurry provider had been unsuccessful stabilizing the drilled shafts after 5-months.  MATRIX was asked to evaluate the Geology and site conditions and make a recommendation. 


BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry and M-Booster™ proved to be a winning combination

BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry and M-Booster™ proved to be a winning combination

The customer was in trouble and we were ready for the challenge.  MATRIX was given one week to mobilize personnel and equipment and ship product to perform a trial shaft on the beach within close proximity to where the other drilled shafts had failed. MATRIX seized this opportunity, addressed the challenges and succeeded.  


The intelligence MATRIX provided helped the drilling contractor recover from cost over-runs as a result of 5-months of poor performance and non-production.


MATRIX was called upon to demonstrate that our slurry methods and procedures could be successful and sound.  They were.  MATRIX also developed an engineered slurry to the Geology onsite and made the following adjustments and recommendations that resulted in successful operations, helping the contractor get back on track:


1.     Shortened top casing

2.     Stopped vibrating casing after drilling under slurry started.

3.     Adjusted tank circulation to remove dead spots.

4.     Improved mixing with proper mixer for proper yield of the polymer and additive.

5.     Engineered a slurry recipe based on the Geology.

6.     Used Pure 100% active ingredients Matrix products no blended (Smart) products.

7.     No caustic chemicals.  All products Matrix provides are safe to handle.

8.     Instituted the elevated Top casing to provide proper hydrostatic head pressure.

9.     Insisted on manning the drilled excavation 24-hr all-night to top off the slurry and prevent cave-in.  This resulted in no collapsed holes.


The geology always dictates.


The MATRIX solution resulted in less slurry used and improved cost savings. Applying engineered slurry to the site Geology with competent field support is what we do. Contact MATRIX to see what we can do to help with your next project.