The BIG-FOOT polymer slurry system is formulated to make a viscous slurry fluid to fortify the most challenging soil conditions. BIG-FOOT soil stabilizing polymer is an easy mixing, 100% active polymer packaged as a granular powder.  Due to its concentrated formula, small amounts of BIG-FOOT earth-reinforcing polymer mixed with fresh water builds high viscosity.  BIG-FOOT is ideal for drilled shafts, mini-piles, slurry trenching, diaphragm walls, HDD, reverse circulation (RC) rotary drilling and tunneling.

A high molecular weight polymer slurry such as BIG-FOOT®, with its superior control, yields numerous advantages. The most crucial benefits are; improved excavation quality; simplicity of use for field worker; an increase in time saved, and an improvement of productivity due to superior construction quality.
The unique BIG-FOOT soil stabilization slurry system out performs most bentonite, polymer, or combination slurry’s available and currently being used in the construction and drill shaft industries.

The BIG-FOOT slurry advantage offers unequaled performance in all types of soil conditions and environmental challenges.
●    Superior design and performance compared to existing bentonite and polymer drilling slurries.
●    Greatly reduces soil destabilization due to slurry migration and radial seepage into non excavated soils.
●    The slurry’s best performance properties are quickly recovered for re-usage by adding small product dosages.



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Enhance BIG-FOOT Performance To Meet Any Challenge. Additives, Chemicals, Testing Equipment & Mixers

Soil conditions and geological challenges vary greatly from project to project. As a solution, MATRIX offers additives and chemicals to enhance BIG-FOOT's already impressive performance and tailor the product to prevail in even the most challenging conditions.

From FORTIFY® Slurry Loss Additive used to help create a membrane film at the sidewall of the excavation to apply positive differential load against the formation of the sidewalls - to M-BOOSTER® Dry pH Adjuster used to pretreat the mix-water prior to adding BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry to insolubilize calcium from mix-water and groundwater, raise pH, and regenerate BIG-FOOT polymer that has been damaged by extreme carbonate alkalinity. MATRIX offers a solution.

MATRIX Certified Authentic BIG-FOOT® testing equipment and slurry mixers are also available, including: Slurry Test Kits, Slurry Samplers, Marsh Funnels, Test Strips, and Slurry Mixing Hoppers to name a few.