BLOCK-AID® Plugging Mineral Chips

BLOCK-AID® plugging material contains 3/4” sized natural mineral chips.  BLOCK-AID is designed to seal and plug voids and porous zones encountered when drilling a bore hole or Geotechnical excavation. The 3/4” size of BLOCK-AID is ideal for use as a sealant on any vertical bore hole to prevent and stop slurry loss into the surrounding formation.  The high swelling nature of BLOCK-AID creates expansion to fill voids, exerting pressure against all surfaces to create a flexible low permeability seal. 

BLOCK-AID easily falls through slurry filled excavations without sticking for a discrete in-situ swelling that delivers an excellent seal.  BLOCK-AID is used as a sealant and plugging additive when severe cases of slurry loss are expected to occur.  The 3/4” chips settle through the slurry fluid, stopping slurry seepage into the surrounding formation.  BLOCK-AID is excellent at sealing larger voids, fractures, and cobble and boulder zones encountered when drilling.

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