Chlorine Test Strips

These high quality easy-to-use test strips are very accurate and portable. The Chlorine Test Strips measure chlorine, in the low range as free chlorine 0 to 10 CL2 and total chlorine in the range of 0 to 10 mg/L or ppm.  

This test strip method uses an indicator chemical that develops a color when added to chlorinated water.  The color turns darker with high chlorine residuals.  Users compare this color to a color scale to read the chlorine residual in milligrams per liter mg/L.  If there is no color change, there is no chlorine in the water.

It is important to measure the free and total chlorine levels in municipal water supplies as the chlorine works to break down the polymer slurry.  Chlorine Test Strips are packaged 50 to a bottle and used when the mix water to build a BIG-FOOT® polymer slurry comes from a city fire hydrant.  

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