Slurry Loss Circulation Material

GEO-NET® is a specially made mineral fiber.  GEO-NET Slurry Loss Circulation Material is ideal at sealing the side-walls of the drilled excavation full of BIG-FOOT® slurry.  GEO-NET is a long, stretchy, extrusion-spun fiber that when added into the excavation attaches to the soil working like a net.  This creates an intermeshing that catches the BIG-FOOT long strands of polymer slurry building a seal over all types of porous permeable soil and rock formations.

GEO-NET is inert when added into drilling slurry. It is acid soluble so it can be easily removed from the area of production.  GEO-NET is an additive highly recommended to have readily available on-site.  GEO-NET works great to address unforeseen zones of gravels and sands.  GEO-NET easily mixes directly into the slurry, is non-toxic, inorganic and stable. GEO-NET Slurry Loss Circulation Material is Caltrans approved. 

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