BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry Wins Caltrans Approval

May 18-20 West Coast Chapter ADSC, Kona Kai Resort- 1551 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

June 5-7 RETC Tunnel Conference 1 Market Place San Diego, CA

June 13-16 Super-Pile 2017 by DFI.  Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA

September 10-16 Association Engineering & Environmental Geologist (AEG) 60th Annual meeting, Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO

October 24-27 DFI Annual Meeting & Exhibition Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LA

November 6-10 Slurry School RW Harris, St. Petersburg, FL

Have you seen BIG-FOOT?

The BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry advantage offers unequaled performance in all types of soil conditions and environmental challenges.
●    Superior design and performance compared to existing bentonite and polymer drilling slurries.
●    Greatly reduces soil destabilization due to slurry migration and radial seepage into non excavated soils.
●    The slurry’s best performance properties are quickly recovered for re-usage by adding small product dosages.

BIG-FOOT is so good you won't believe it. See for yourself. The proof is in the Caltrans Approval.

MATRIX provides a wide range of additives and chemicals to optimize BIG-FOOT's performance in a variety of soil conditions as geology varies greatly from project to project. From adjusting the pH balance and sealing side-walls of excavations reducing slurry loss, to conditioning and softening of the mix-water. MATRIX offers a solution for any geological challenge. BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry is an easy mixing, 100% active polymer packaged as a granular powder.


MATRIX is a leader in slurry technology incorporating cutting-edge improvements in polymer chemistry to deliver new and exceptional earth stabilization capabilities.   

MATRIX is well positioned to meet increasingly challenging and complex geology profiles.  We recognize the technical challenges and work to lessen the resulting risk for major cost savings and performance improvements to our customers.  We have decades of experience in the field of geology, environmental science and construction drilling.  MATRIX has a successful track record in developing and maintaining client relations and providing full technical support and advice to clients in the drilling, regulated and geotechnical community.