We help our clients to develop the most suitable approaches to maximize profitability of their business in today’s complex and competitive environment.

Capitalize on our collective experience to minimize potential pitfalls in project start-up operations.  We offer this service to all clients using our products.

We bring our diagnostic skills on the use of slurry in the construction drilling industry and deep knowledge from over 20 years focusing on the market and technical advances.  Drawing on all these resources MATRIX can frame, resolve and implement against the most pressing issues facing the use of drilling slurry in the construction drilling industry today.

Drilled Shafts in construction are used worldwide as deep foundation support elements.  As with any type of construction activity, there are numerous hazards associated with the installation of drilled shaft foundations. MATRIX  recognizes and addresses the hazards associated with the installation of drilled shaft foundations with the intent of improving workplace safety and health.

    •    The Project Slurry Estimate:  The project slurry estimate includes key information on the structure being built and the means and methods that will be used to construct and install the drilled shafts.  The number of drill shafts, diameter and depth, as well as the location.  Important details on the site Geology, ground water table and any possible contaminants are mentioned.

    •    The Project Slurry Estimate includes information on the mix water source being used and the product dosage recipe for the slurry being built.  A total estimated cost on drilling products to complete the project is provided. The mixing order of addition for the drilling fluids being mixed and what fluid loss additives recommended will also be included.  

    •    The mixer needed and the set-up and proper plumbing of the slurry batch plant is critical in the over-all successful use of drilling slurry.

    •    Designed to maximize a projects value through its entire lifecycle, from appraisal through to operations and eventual disposal.

Matrix provides the products and technologies to meet our customers' needs in challenging environments. From deep earth excavations, diaphragm wall and tunneling to bored piles and drilled shafts – we focus on the right technology, the right products and the right people to help complete the job safely while exceeding customer expectations.

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