Sand Content Kit - DELUXE 5-PIECE SET

Sand content is defined as anything retained on a 200 mesh screen and the percentage volume of particles larger than 74 microns.  The volume of sand, including the spaces between the grains, is expressed as a percentage of the volume of the slurry.  The value read from the measuring tube is reported as percentage by volume.  Excessive sand may result in the deposition of sand settling in the hole.

The Sand Content Kit consists of a special 200 mesh sieve 2-1/2 inches in diameter, fastened inside a collar upon which a small funnel is fitted on either end.  This is used with a 10 ml glass measuring tube, graduated to read from 0 to 20% percentage of sand by volume.  The collar and funnel are made of polyethylene and the screen is made of brass.  A 500 ml wash bottle and carrying case are included.

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