Field Services

MATRIX has the ability to provide a full menu of on-site services and technical assistance with our Field Services Group.  MATRIX ‘s comprehensive staff and cumulative experience in the fields of drilling fluids, chemical, Geotechnical, Geology & Hydrogeology and slurry engineering disciplines ensures that our clients benefit from the expertise and attention to detail needed for projects of all sizes.  Our on-site specialists are available to assist engineers, contractors and consultants with troubleshooting, sampling, start-up and commissioning.  This includes pre-project planning and estimating on-site technical service by experienced competent technicians and engineers, and assistance in planning and executing all aspects of the slurry operation.



Project Bid Preparation – MATRIX will prepare a customized slurry program for your project based on the site Geology, groundwater and project specifications.  Just contact us and provide a project take-off that includes the exact diameter, depth and number of drilled shafts.  Also a representative soil boring log and geotechnical report with the location and other basic information.

MATRIX offers training for customers on best practices in the mixing, testing and discarding of slurry.  The Field Services team can also remain on-site for evaluations, samplings and reporting during the drilling operations, this allows our clients to focus their often limited resources on core business activities.

The Project Management group will spend time with you to develop a successful plan that ensures the best technological solution for specific drilling characteristics. We begin our analysis by first evaluating available data including project take-off, bore logs, and geotechnical support.  Pre-testing and water analysis can be conducted at the MATRIX Laboratory.  A MATRIX project management engineer will coordinate a pre-construction meeting with your team to discuss optimization of performance of the slurry, site layout, permitting, safety requirements, quality control, system start-up and operator training.  To schedule a field services project manager contact MATRIX Construction Products at:

CUSTOMER SERVICE TOLL FREE:  Phone: 877.591.3137    ▪    Fax: 630.791.3459