BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry
Caltrans Approved 2016

Caltrans approval is considered by the construction industry to be the bench-mark in product standards for quality and performance.  The high standards of the Caltrans requirements exceed all other state and federal Department of Transportation testing requirements.  Most other states grandfather your product approval when awarded Caltrans endorsement. A board of Engineers on the California Department of Transportation Division of Engineering Services, Structure Policy and Innovation Substructure Committee reviewed and inspected the testing of the BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry system over a grueling 17-months of testing.


To be approved, MATRIX had to provide the following evidence:

1. BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry would not materially reduce the nominal geotechnical capacity of the pile, the bond between steel reinforecement and concrete, and concrete compressive strength or serviceability.

2. BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry has no detrimental effect to the structural integrity of the reinforcement bar and the concrete is proven through extensive testing.

3. Ingredients in BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry are made of quality materials.

4. Procedures for mixing and handling BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry meet acceptable ranges.

5. Methods for testing BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry when in use, reviewed and verified over 4-projects, that were all load tested for separate ultimate end bearing and ultimate skin friction resistance. All required tests submitted to Caltrans in a report prepared by a licensed engineer.

6. QA/QC verification of BIG-FOOT Polymer’s formulation submitted to Caltrans as well as physical samples held within the laboratory in Sacramento to ensure no changes in the products formulation occur.



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