Granular Sealing Material

MESH-SET® sealing material contains #8-#20 mesh size high swelling natural minerals.  The special matrix of the structure lets MESH-SET absorb over five times the weight of water to a volume of 14-16 times its dry bulk, making MESH-SET a perfect plugging sealant.  Used dry, the MESH-SET fine granules expand against casings and soil formations within the excavation to produce a very low permeability flexible grout seal.

MESH-SET is used to seal the annular space between the casing and the excavation sidewall stopping slurry fluid from upwelling onto the ground surface. MESH-SET is also applied directly into the slurry as a sealant and plugging material.  The granules settle through the slurry fluid and because of their fine mesh size gather at and along the slurry loss zone stopping slurry seepage into the surrounding formation.  MESH-SET is excellent at sealing larger voids and fractures encountered when drilling.

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