MO's-MUD® Strong Viscosity Booster

MO’S-MUD® is a highly concentrated liquid polymer specially designed as a multi-purpose copolymer cross link additive. MO’S-MUD rapidly mixes into the BIG-FOOT® slurry system where it quickly bonds to the polymer molecules. This cross-linking function of MO’S-MUD provides the first key binding polymer system.  In addition, MO’S-MUD instantly binds to soil particles to reinforce overall stability of the slurry within the excavation.  MO’S-MUD improves drilling efficiency in bored piles (drilled shafts), diaphragm trenching and slurry wall applications through its rapid field mixing, viscosity development, and clay and shale inhibition. 

MO’S-MUD promotes micro-bonding of the polymer slurry producing a framework for strength.  MO’S-MUD is primarily used as a viscosity booster into a pre-mixed BIG-FOOT slurry.  Additional functions are for stabilizing the excavation during unscheduled down time, and as an instant viscosity booster added directly at the excavation.  MO’S-MUD can also be used to provide friction reduction, inhibition and lubricity in fresh water as needed in all drilling disciplines. MO's-MUD Strong Viscosity Booster is Caltrans approved


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