FORTIFY® Slurry Loss Additive

FORTIFY® polymer is an important additive in the MATRIX polymer slurry stabilization system. FORTIFY works in combination with BIG-FOOT® polymer slurry to create a membrane film at the side-wall of the excavation.  FORTIFY rapidly increases the viscosity of a BIG-FOOT slurry, assists in preventing the hydration of reactive clays and shales, reduces slurry loss in porous ground, and reinforces the forming of the synthetic membrane to apply positive differential load against the formation sidewalls. 

FORTIFY provides stability, ease of mixing and improved filtration control.  FORTIFY is highly recommended when little to no fines (silt & clay) exist within the site geology.  Stabilizes soil consisting of sand, gravel and cobbles when pre-mixed in combination with BIG-FOOT polymer slurry fluid. FORTIFY Slurry Loss Additive is Caltrans approved. 

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