Polymer Expanding Additive

GRID-LOCK® is a specialty polymer that quickly swells to form countless different sized blobs.  These polymeric swollen globules follow porous zones where they are drawn, helping the BIG-FOOT® slurry block these larger pores or voids.  GRID-LOCK can shut off slurry loss in very porous ground conditions, such as gravels, cobbles and boulders.  GRID-LOCK assists in the creation of a membrane along the excavation sidewall playing a major part in stabilizing low cohesion soils. 

When porous soil conditions are predicted and contacted, add dry GRID-LOCK into the slurry system.  By adding GRID-LOCK into the slurry, numerous blobs of gels to control slurry loss in porous formations become available.  When adding GRID-LOCK at the excavation, pour slowly into a MATRIX Eductor mixer or Venturi mixer into a steady flowing stream of slurry flowing into the excavation.  FORTIFY® should always be added in combination with GRID-LOCK as it works best together to control slurry fluid loss. GRID-LOCK Swellable Specialty Agent is Caltrans Approved

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